Do these twin flames plan to start a family together? 

Kelly, Machine Gun raised eyebrows during his performance at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, thanks to his dedication of “twin flame” at the Las Vegas show on May 15. “I wrote this song for my wife,” he said, before launching into the song. About halfway through, he said, “And that’s for our unborn child.” 

MGK got engaged to Megan Fox in January, but his sweet dedication had some fans wondering if they’ve already tied the knot. CelebHomes News received a report from an eyewitness that said: “People turned towards each other in perplexity and said, ‘Wife?’

However, the singer has referred to Megan as “my wife” before, recently while appearing on Ellen Degeneres ShowMärz

Before the BBMAs, he spoke Entertainment TonightAbout the significance of “twin flame” his song

This song was written exactly 2 years ago today. I played it to her. It’s all worth it. It was meant to be.” He added, noting that this weekend’s timing makes the event even more appropriate. It’s the full moon. Tomorrow is her birthday.