One of the suspects in connection with the death of Mac Miller has agreed to plead guilty in a federal court.

According to the court documents obtained by CelebHomes News on Tuesday, Oct. 26, defendant Stephen Andrew Walter entered a plea agreement on Monday, Oct. 25. Walter will plead guilty at a Nov. 8 hearing to distribution of Fentanyl.

Additionally, the documents mention that Walter instructed. Ryan Reavis to give fentanyl “in the form of counterfeit oxycodone pills” to the third defendant, who prosecutors say was Miller’s dealer Michael PettitOn Sept. 4, 2018, he did. Prosecutors allege that Walter knew the pills contained fentanyl or another federally controlled substance when he distributed them.

According to prosecutors, Pettit sold the counterfeit drugs to Miller that night, and three days days later, the artist ingested the fentanyl, “which, in combination with cocaine and alcohol, caused [Miller’s]Death due to a fatal overdose, September 7th or later

Prosecutors also claim that Miller would not have died from overdose if it weren’t for the fentanyl.