Average home prices have climbed steadily over the last 10 years or so. Today, the standard price you’ll pay for a home is just over $200,000.

Mind you, if you live in a high cost of living area, you’ll pay much more.

Paying average prices for homes is for average people though. For celebrities sporting well above average incomes, their home prices tend to cost millions of dollars.

For that hefty price tag, they end up with pretty cool digs which is the purpose of this article.

Below, we’re going to be sharing with you the best celebrity homes of 2019!

1. Taylor Swift’s Mansion

Taylor Swift has a romantic heart and an old soul. Per those qualities, she decided to purchase the massive 1930’s mansion that used to belong to the former founder of MGM.

The house is gorgeous with sweeping views of Beverley Hills and boasts a whopping 11,000sqf layout.

Not only did MGM’s founder live in Taylor’s house, but the home was also the backdrop for the film “The Best Years of Our Lives”.

2. Johnny Carson’s Seaside Estate

No best celebrity homes list is complete without mentioning Johnny Carson’s historic beachside estate in Point Dume, Malibu.

The house features a pool that overlooks the beautiful California ocean, it has a pond, a waterfall, indoor landscaping and a number of glass walls that allow you to take in the surrounding views from a variety of places while on the property.

This estate is truly one of the best designed among all celebrity homes and its 80 million dollar price tag reflects that reality.

3. Elton John’s Ode to Art

It’s no secret that Elton John spends most of his time these days living in England. That’s not to say though that the celeb doesn’t make the occasional trip to LA.

When he does, he has a 5000sqf house to go to that’s furnished with world-class art and is situated upon a hill in (you guessed it) Beverley Hills.

This home’s eco-friendly motif and impeccable design are what sets it apart from the rest.

4. Ralph Lauren’s Manor

Leave it to a fashion designer to make every other celebrity’s home look like a shack.

Ralph basically owns a castle in upstate New York that has a stone/Norman look which must have been built by genius designers like Home Builders Perth or another world-class crafter.

Ralph’s yard is massive, his house comes in at a hopping 17,000sqf and he shares it all with his lovely wife.

5. A-Rod’s Home Run of a House

Alex Rodriguez is a former Yankee’s star. After finishing up business in the Big Apple, this baseball legend moved to Florida where he now owns a beautiful house that boasts 11,000sqf.

In his house, he, his two daughters and J-Lo have ample room to swim in their massive pool, drink at their in-house bar and do just about everything else.

Talk about hitting it out of the park!

Wrapping Up The Best Celebrity Homes

There are a lot of great celebrity homes out there. Only the best celebrity homes of 2019 made the cut for our list though!

For more celebrity inspiration and to keep up with our ever-evolving celebrity home favorites, keep browsing more of the content on our site!