Home ownership is one of the best things that can ever happen to any person. Celebrities not only their own homes, but they also seem to go all out in ensuring that they have the best. Some of the homes are so expansive that you could live in them without bumping into each other for days on end.

We will explore some of the most expensive celebrity homes, who owns them, and why they are worth their price point. Our list below will focus on those in the music and media industries, and on our screens as actors or actresses.

Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

Read on for more celebrity home facts, and get ready to be awed by some of the properties we will highlight below.

1. Villa Oleandra – George Clooney

• Price point – $100 million
• Location – Laglio, Italy

George Clooney is a force to reckon with in as far as his acting career goes. Villa Oleandra Is a charming mix of the old and the new. The curved ceilings speak of its 18th-century construction date. The modern aspects include bathrooms that are like spas, full indoor gym, and a pizza room.

The property is a great contender for most beautiful celebrity homes due to the landscaping. You get a pool, tennis courts, an outdoor theatre, and a motorcycle garage.

2. Skywalker Ranch – George Lucas

• Price point – $100 million
• Location – Marine County, CA

George Lucas is a movie director who has found a lot of success in the industry. He bought the Skywalker Ranch in 1974 and has made several renovations to it. There isn’t too much information about the property, and if you set foot inside, it is on special invitation-only.

Visitors do not have permission to take pictures. But some of the outstanding features of the property include; a 200 car underground parking, a theatre that seats 300, a two-story library that is separate from the main house and an outdoor pool.

The landscaping is meticulous, and you will also find a vineyard within the property. Lucas must worry a lot about fire because the property has a fire station.

3. The Promised Land – Oprah Winfrey

• Price point – $88 million
• Location – Montecito, CA

Sitting on 42 acres, the property has a wine cellar, two theatres one indoors and the other outside, equestrian facilities, man-made lake, rose gardens, entertainment areas among others. Visitors have a separate pool in their guest house.

Oprah must like avocados quite a bit because she has a 2-acre avocado grove.

4. Jay-Z and Beyonce

• Price point- 88 million dollars
• Location – Bel Air

Jay-Z recently made history by becoming the first hip hop billionaire. Together with his equally successful wife Beyonce, it only makes sense that they own one of the best celebrity mansions. The property has a 30,000 square foot main house. You will also find six additional structures on the property that is separate from the main building.

The property has an entertainment building, a garage for 15 cars, a helipad, fitness center, eight bedrooms, and 11 bathrooms.
Of course, the property would not be complete without a huge well-manicured lawn.

5. Tom Cruise

• Price point- $59 million
• Location – Telluride, CO

Tom’s property sits on 298 acres, and the house takes up approximately 10000 square feet of it. The outstanding features are the floor-to-ceiling windows and the use of Native stone and Cedar timber in the interior.

Do some exercises in the gym, relax in the rec room, read a good book in the library, play a game of basketball hockey or tennis. If none of the activities tickles your fancy at the moment, you can take a walk on the private trail.

The guest house has 3-bedroom and bathrooms and covers 1,600 square feet.

6. Howard Stern

• Price point- $52 million
• Location – Palm Beach

The 13,673 square foot mansion has undergone countless renovations since its 2013 purchase. There is not too much information available about the property. It has a magnificent oceanfront pool because it backs up to the Atlantic Ocean.
His wife will also never run out of closet space because it covers 1000 square feet.

7. Cindy Crawford

• Price point- $50 million
• Location -Malibu

The property sits on three Acres, and you get a clear View of the Pacific Ocean. The Hacienda style Villa has a wraparound deck, sliding glass doors, fire pit, tennis court, and private beach access.

8. The Villa – Ellen DeGeneres

• Price point- $45 million
• Location – Santa Barbara

The charming TV host is the owner of one of the best celebrity homes in the market. Sitting on about 17 acres, you get a view of the mountains and the Pacific. The property has six bedrooms and bathrooms, library, outdoor living space, outdoor kitchen, sunken tennis court, among others.

9. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

• Price point – $42 million
• Location – Malibu CA

This is one of the celebrity houses that stands out. What makes it unique is the fact that it is hand built. It has nine bedrooms, a recording studio, meditation room, a tennis court, basketball court, a lake with a gazebo and 3 Golf holes.

10. Dr. Dre

• Price-point $40 million
• Location – Brentwood CA

Dr. Dre is one of the oldest names in the hip hop industry and has enjoyed a lot of success in it. The property has five bedrooms, a moat, and an infinity pool overlooking the Pacific, poolside Cabana, outdoor kitchen, and outdoor bathtub.

You will also find a home gym, chef’s kitchen, a unique master bathroom, among others. The property has a lot of antique and reclaimed material.

The Life of Celebrities

We have shared with you a list of some of the most expensive celebrity homes in the world. Our list only focuses on musicians, and TV personalities; whether actors or talk show host. We have also not included properties like those previously owned by Sting’s NYC luxury apartments property which came in at $50 million or Demi Moore’s $45 million property in the same location.

Other people are celebrities in their own right, including Bill Gates who owns a $125 million property in Xanadu, or Tiger Woods $54.5 million-dollar property in Jupiter Island. You can find more amazing celebrity facts on our website. You can bookmark our website so that you don’t miss out on our interesting posts.