Love Island fans are well aware what’s about to go down when they hear, “This week, a hot new bombshell enters the villa…” but what about everything that happens when the Islanders are off-camera

According to Love Island USAAlum Alexandra StewartIt’s not much. The season one star dished on life in the villa in a TikTok shared on August 1, answering what she considered to be the most commonly-asked questions about being an Islander. 

The phones. Every Islander has one, but they’re not exactly useful for anything beyond receiving messages from production (most of which result in someone yelling, “I’ve got a text!”). Alexandra explained that all phones are different in terms of dates and times. Without a sundial, no one can tell unless they know how it works.

The Islanders at least have wine to drink to keep them occupied, right? Not necessarily. “Wine comes out of a magic cabinet,” the After the IslandThe podcast host explained that only production allows them to indulge. “One glass, maybe two, if you’re lucky.”