Oh. My. Pod.

It was as if the drama around them were not enough. Love is Blind‘s Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee wasn’t keeping social media a-buzzing well after the end of dating show’s second season, Shayne Jansen just made an eye-opening statement about his former fiancée Natalie Lee Fans might be in for another wild ride. During a Q&A on his Instagram Stories on Thursday, March 10, the realtor dropped a cryptic message that seemingly suggested that there was something more between his ex and fellow castmate Salvador Perez.

Shayne replied to a question about Natalie and Nate, the couple who separated on their wedding day.

He further raised eyebrows—quite literally, since he used This eyes emoji—when he told followers to “stay tuned” after being asked about his own dating life.

Let me catch you up. Salvador had previously been engaged. Mallory Zapata He turned down her at the altar. Now that has filming wrapped, he seems to be sparking relationship rumors with Natalie. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the two had been exchanging cutesy comments on Instagram.