Jussie Smollett‘s siblings gave their thoughts after his sentencing. 

Outside the Chicago courthouse on March 10, Jussie’s siblings spoke with reporters, saying that he is innocent and that he did not deserve the sentencing. This is the EmpireStar was found guilty in five of the six cases for falsely reporting to police. Judge James Linn sentenced him to 150 days imprisonment beginning Thursday, and 30 months of felony probation after he reported an alleged hate crime.

“[The judge] shamed my brother, he spoke about his arrogance,” his brother Jojo Smollett, 44, said. “He doesn’t know what my brother goes through.” He has no idea what my brother is going through. 

Jojo went on to say, “In 2022, we don’t shame people like this. Alright? “He basically called him mentally insane.” 

Jussie’s older sister Jazz Smollett41 year old Judith started her conversation by stating that she thinks her brother is innocent. 

She said, “This shouldn’t be controversial because it is absolute truth.” The entire injustice of his justice system should not be controversial.