A March 23rd episode of Domenick Nati ShowDeepti said that Shake and he hadn’t spoken to each other since the reunion.

“It’s hurtful that she is playing up the victim mentality so often when we had so much joy,” he said. “And I took such good after her.” 

He also apologized to Deepti in a March 8 Instagram post for “some of the things that I said—things that honestly just could have been left unsaid or could have been said differently, things that never should have been on national television.”

“I am sorry to have caused you pain with my words,” he said in the video. It’s all I ever wanted.

Deepti addressed Shake’s comments at the event. Love is blind reunion. “It is OK not to be physically attracted. What’s the best part? “There are millions of people out there who are like you,” she stated. It’s how you live your life. You are being disrespectful in the way you speak and do things. It is very degrading for women.”

And she’s moving on from her ex, revealing on a July episode of CelebHomes News’ digital series Down in the DMs that she’s blocked Shake on Instagram.

Deepti stated, “Just because someone would randomly tag me in stuff and I’m like: ‘That’s an old energy that I don’t need to cope with. “It is time to get on with new things.”

CelebHomes News reached Deepti but has not heard back.