Love Is Blind stars Natalie Lee  Salvador “Sal” Perez have certainly struck up a flirty friendship.  

They did not find their love onscreen. Was it her ex? Shayne JansenIs this a cryptic Instagram posting? Natalie clarified everything while at the Tea with Publyssity podcast on March 10. 

She said, “I’m very close to Sal,” It is rumoured that Sal and Sal are in a relationship. “We aren’t, we’re only really, really close friends.” 

Natalie said that he was “very honest” and she felt like what she saw was what she got. His calm and collected demeanor is something I love. It was like I felt a lot better, and I also feel calmer every time we talk. 

In the aftermath of the show’s highly discussed season two reunion, rumors about the pair being more than just friends began to pop up online especially after Sal dropped some cute comments on Natalie’s Instagram posts.