Warning: This contains spoilers regarding the finale of season 3.

Looks like only one of the Joe’s got their happily ever after!

Season finale Joe Millionaire: To Richer Or Poorer Premiered March 10th. The “Joes”, who revealed their real identities and selected their last partners, premiered the episode. It ended with a millionaire. Steven McBee Giving a promise ring Calah JacksonAnd Kurt Sowers picking Amanda Pace.

Is it the same for couples? Did the woman in the relationship do it to make a buck or for their bank accounts? We have all the information. 

Although Kurt wasn’t sure between Amanda, Carolyn MooreHe chose Amanda. Entertainment Tonight Canada says that in December, they decided to part ways because they were looking for different things.

Kurt is regretting this decision now. 

If one fan tweeted, “Should we place bets that Kurt’s been in Carolyn’s DM’s? Lol #JoeMillionaire,” Carolyn responded, “*coughs in Spanish*”.

Carolyn seems to be an a. tadA little salty 

Kurt wrote, “My heart tells me @caroesteph, but my head is telling @amandapaceee.” #JoeMillionaire.” The CEO, aged 30, of a skin-care company replied backAsk yourself, “How did it all work out?” Yikes!