Mark CuevasEven more reason to look ahead to 2022.

Friday, Oct. 22: Love is blind reality star confirmed to CelebHomes News that he and fiancée Aubrey RaineyThey are expecting their second child together. 

Mark and Aubrey welcomed their first baby together six months ago. It was a boy named Aubrey. Ace Anthony. Mark wrote that blessing is an understatement in the birth announcement. Aubrey gave birth to our beautiful baby boy after 19 hours of labor. Words cannot express the emotions we have felt for the past 24 hours. He is safe, healthy, and has his mother’s smile!

Ace is still a young man, but the couple shared their stories. People they’re excited to have two kids under the age of two. They exclaimed, “We are thrilled that Ace will grow up with a sibling so similar in age. We are excited for our family to continue growing and meeting our next Cuevas March 2022.”