Spoilers for the Reunion Episode of this story are included in this article Love is blindSeason 2.

It was not a good time. Deepti Venmpati and fiancé Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee In love What is blindness?, but has she found love with another co-star?

Throughout season two of the Netflix reality show, viewers saw Shake confide in his friends and family that he didn’t find Deepti physically attractive, even comparing her to his aunt. Deepti, in a powerful onscreen moment of empowerment, “chosen” himself and rejected him at the altar.

During the eye-opening reunion episode, released March 4, the cast revealed that Shake’s onscreen antics were actually a “watered down” version of what actually transpired. Dropping a bombshell, Kyle AbramsDeepti was the one he wishes he would have proposed, he admitted. Shaina HurleyIt was he who finally broke up with him.

“I should’ve asked Deepti to marry me,” Kyle shared. Kyle shared, “That’s the best thing I have learned. I f-ked up.”