Although love may seem blind, it is not ignorant.

CelebHomes News obtained the following court documents Jeremy HartwellA contestant in the second season was. Love is BlindA lawsuit was filed by a plaintiff against Netflix’s hit show and production company Kinetic Content as well as casting company DeliriumTV. The suit claimed that cast members were subject to “inhumane” conditions while filming the show.

Hartwell claimed in the July 13 lawsuit that cast members weren’t regularly provided with “alcoholic beverages, soft drink, energy drinks or mixers.” The cast was not allowed to drink water during production.

“The combination sleep deprivation with isolation, food insecurity, and lack of food all required” the suit reads. “Enabled or encouraged to by defendants contributed towards inhumane work conditions and altered mental states for the cast.”

Hartwell—who works as a director at a mortgage company in Chicago—alleged in the suit that cast members had their phones taken away upon their arrival, leaving them “isolated” with no “ability to contact family, friends and other persons outside of production.”