It was a great move. Taylor Rapp.

As if winning the Super Bowl wasn’t enough of a prize, the Los Angeles Rams safety decided to go big on game day by proposing to his longtime girlfriend Dani JohnsonSurround yourself with nature. 

Fans were able watch Dani, an NFL player, get on one knee while confetti fell from the sky in a video shared on Rams’ Instagram. Dani agreed to marry his teammate, along with fans and teammates nearby on February 13.

“MORE THAN A ONE RING TOMORROW!” On social media, the team shared their thoughts. “CONGRATS, @taylorrapp!!!”

While the couple has yet to post on their own profiles—you know, too busy celebrating—the pair has offered fans a glimpse into their romance.

Taylor was awarded a Super Bowl spot and took to Instagram to post a picture of his girlfriend cheering in the stands. We’ve longed for moments like these!” He shared memories of the season while he wrote.