These are the coolest cousins.

Although 2021 has come to an abrupt end, CelebHomes will continue looking back on all the biggest moments in pop culture this year, including many that involved the entertaining Kardashian-Jenners. 

This doesn’t mean that we just have to refer to Kim KardashianShe was accompanied by her siblings and all the Kar-Jenner relatives, as well. 

Start at North WestBirthday party with’s poop emoticons Disillusioned?Kim has many hair transformations Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Karadashian, Rob KardashianAnd Kylie JennerThe year in which ‘his kids’ were as famous as his parents was just one of many. 

It’s clear that there is no shortage of content among the cousins. This is especially true since many took it upon them to share theirs in 2021 through TikTok accounts. Everything has been seen. Penelope DisickFunnyly, she reenacted one of her mother’s scenes. Keep Up with the KardashiansYou can find more information here North WestWith Penelope (her younger sister), she went on a joyride in a golf cart with other TikToker Penelope. Chicago West and their other cousin True Thompson.