It’s been twenty years since. Lizzie McGuire It aired its “Night of the Day of the Dead” episode. But viewers are likely to recall feeling scared of the skeleton couple who haunted Lizzie Gordo Miranda and Kate. And, if we’re being honest, there’s still something a bit spooky about that particular episode—even Lizzie’s dad, Robert Carradine, thinks the kids’ show was scary for the time. 

Robert Hallie Todd. Jake Thomas Kyle DownesTudgeman, a.k.a. Tudgeman, joined CelebHomes News on a Zoom call to discuss that iconic episode, sharing the gross and heartwarming memories they have from filming the show in 2000.

But seeing as it’s been two decades since most people saw the Halloween special, here’s a quick refresher: Lizzie (Hilary Duff) wants to be Vampira, the dungeon mistress, for the school Fright Night and even has Gordo (Adam Lamberg) help her clean the janitor’s closet so she can use it as her dungeon. But Kate (Ashlie Brillault) pulls a fast one on her, taking the role for herself. 

So Lizzie reluctantly becomes a clown for the party. Miranda (LaLaineAn offernda has been set up for Day of the Dead by ) The party becomes the setting for a haunting when Matt, (Jake), eats a Tamale that was meant to be an offering to the dead and Kate offends them. Chaos ensues as Lizzie becomes possessed and chases Kate through the school halls, before Miranda eventually instructs the school bully to cleanse herself of evil by dipping her head in punch and rubbing cake on her dress.