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COVID-19 had put an end to live entertainment. Now your favorite artists are ready for the road to entertain audiences with brand new tours and experiences. No matter where you are, we offer an all-access ticket for every must-see concert. Welcome to CelebHomes Backstage Pass.

The Millennium Tour could be the biggest party in the year. 

The past few weeks have been quite hectic. Omarion and his closest friends including Bow Wow. Ashanti. Soulja BoyThese artists have been bringing fans to their feet at venues across the country. These artists won’t be slowing down with a packed schedule for November.

CelebHomes News exclusive: Omarion, who is the headliner, said that “This whole concept for The Millennium Tour is really an accurate representation of an age and time when music felt certain types of way.” “This tour has a special meaning. It takes you back in time to a particular place. It takes you back in time to when you first heard a song. It’s more than a sing along. It’s also entertainment.