Lisa Marie Presley She is still thinking about her son Benjamin two years after his tragic death.

The 54-year-old singer shared an image of Benjamin and her matching tattoos on July 12th, before Benjamin died in July 2020.

She captioned her Instagram photo, “Several years back, on Mother’s Day,” and wrote, “My son and I got these matching tattoos at our feet.” It is a Celtic eternity tie. It symbolizes that our eternal connection will continue. It was carefully chosen to symbolize our eternal love, our eternal bond.

Lisa received support from several close friends in the comments section. Laura Lynne JacksonHe wrote “Always, forever.” “He is always with you in every moment.”

Songwriter Linda Thompson commented, “Your beautiful baby boy is only one heartbeat…one breath away…& eternally in your heart & soul. While actress Georgie Flores wrote, “Love you Lisa.”