While she didn’t say anything negative about the shoot, the actress believes that if they were to re-do it now, it’d be an entirely different experience. It would be different if all these actresses were in one room and could just hang out, she said.  

Lindsay wasn’t the only one to reflect on Lindsay’s nearly 20-year-old cover. As part of the a Vanity Fair Video last month. Hilary shared her version of the events on set. She called it “very stressful, anxiety-inducing”  

Lindsay and Hilary’s comment comes almost eight years after Evan, a fellow cover star shared that she felt “like meat” during the photoshoot. This was in a series since deleted tweets. 

After the shoot, I was nearly in tears. They tried that dress on me, I wasn’t comfortable but they told me there was no time…cause everyone else took up too much time with their fittings,” she shared at the time. “I was 15 and felt for the first time my identity being erased and the pressure…to shut up and do what you are told. I felt like meat. Since that time, I’ve found my voice. “Never again.”