Jamie Lee Curtis isn’t the only one sharing her experience with body shaming in entertainment.

Lili ReinhartJamie was commended for her Instagram Story on March 11, where she spoke out about how important it is to embrace her body. She also shared her experience from set. 

“An old director came up to me once before I did a take, and said that it was’sucking in your stomach’ a bit. Riverdale star wrote. It’s something I remember often, unfortunately, when filming a scene.

Lili said, “Glad it is being talked about. Thank you @curtisleejamie.”

The director was not named by her.

Înainte de vous rendre amour à la Halloween Lili shared an article from Glam that had Jamie’s heartfelt comment: “I’ve been sucking my stomach in since I was 11… It was my intention to release and relinquish every muscle I held that I used as a cover for the truth.

Jamie said, “I want there to be no concealing of anything” in a March 10 Instagram post that showed her proudly showing her stomach and a bright yellow sweater, taking on a more natural look that letter feel “more free creatively and physically.”