Season five will see Her Majesty travel to Russia. 

The fifth season of production The Crown—starring Imelda Staunton, Jonathan Pryce, Lesley ManvilleAnd Jonny Lee Miller—is currently underway. It is evident from a photo taken on the set that the next period drama will take place. Queen Elizabeth II1994, Russia’s State Visit.

Staunton is the Queen Elizabeth II star alongside Pryce Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is seen wearing a mustard yellow dress and fur coat, along with a matching black hat and her signature purse in the set snap. 

The outfit is a recreation of the one that the Queen wore at Vnukovo Airport in Moscow while she inspected the Russian service personnel.

In the scene, the characters are inside a royal limousine, while driving through a Russian City in convoy with diplomats and police escorts. Extras were also seen lining the street and waving flags as they passed by.