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Every day, a new product or TikTok trend is announced on the internet promising flawless skin. It seems like we are bombarded with information regarding how to make our skin look better. It is easier to just buy the product that your friend suggests or to do some research online than to actually investigate the products. Although a serum’s effectiveness may have been proven by clinical research, the question that we really need to be asking is whether it will work for our skin. You need to understand that there is no one-size fits all approach to skincare. 

Celebrity skin expert Joanna CzechClient list includes Jennifer Aniston, Cate BlanchettAnd Kim KardashianAccording to a spokesperson, there are five kinds of skin we were born with. However, each type of skin can be affected by different factors. There are five types of skin: normal, dry, dry to normal, dry to normal, normal or oily, mixed, and a combination. Every type has its own characteristics. You could have oily skin and be very dry, or have dry skin that is prone to flare-ups, rosacea, and super sensitive skin. Lifestyle, improper skincare, and sometimes hereditary can lead to different skin conditions.

CelebHomes recently spoke with Joanna in order to discover the most effective products and approaches to skin care during winter and spring.