Lili ReinhartLives parallel in the trailer Take a look at both sides.


In the Netflix movie, Lili plays Natalie and she takes two different paths in her life. Natalie accidentally falls pregnant when she has sex (after having sex) with her friend.Danny Ramirez) and moves home to Austin, Tex. she would like to be a mother. Although it isn’t the ideal life Natalie had in mind, it’s still not terrible.

On the flip side, there’s the Natalie who moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dream career, having made it through a pregnancy scare. Although it’s thrilling and exactly what she desired, there are downsides.

Natalie’s boss played by Nia LongShe tells her, in the trailer: “Where they have to determine what is most important to themselves.”

And though it’s hard to accept, Natalie learns, “It’s not just one moment that defines your life, it’s all the moments.”