Rob ZombieAre you ready to join “wacky Monster Fans”?

He announced on July 18 that his feature-length movie would be available. The MunstersThis fall, Netflix will welcome the team. The Netflix deal is not the only thing that will be happening. The House of 1000 CorpsesDirector confirmed his Munsters movie will debut alongside the new Addams Family spin-off series, Wednesday.

“This fall we are gonna spook-out like it’s 1964,” Zombie wrote on Instagram. “Yep, The Munsters The Addams familyWith @netflix they are also returning to the tube. This clash of titans has been going on for 58 years.

For those who may not know, the two fantasy comedies premiered during the same week in September 1964 and famously went head-to-head over ratings.

Zombie, however, isn’t trying to incite a new rivalry. He instead tells his fans that he provides “Perfect entertainment during your pumpkin carving parties.”

First look The MunstersThe prequel film to the popular sitcom from the 1960s was released in July. Rob Zombie’s strangest love story is here, the official description says. It takes place during Herman and Lily’s bizarre courtship. The MunstersThe all-new feature film features a hauntingly funny journey from Transylvania into Hollywood.