Two residences felt lucky enough to be a part of Showtime’s big TV series hit, “Homeland.” And both of these residences are in Charlotte, NC, which is where every episode of every season’s filmed. Go figure! Nonetheless, the director(s) could’ve chosen any other house in Charlotte. You may or may not have heard of Nicholas Brody (played by Damian Lewis)’s house being sold sometime in last September and still remaining to be an attraction. Now, a house on Rudolph Dadey Dr is sharing the fame.

Owners Mary Ann and Greg Taylor were actually enthusiastic about their 6 bed and 7 bath expanse being used for filming season 3 of the award-winning drama, despite the complexities that may’ve been involved and that surprise call. The couple got the call while the home was still on the market for $2.125 million in September. This Charlotte home outweights that of the other, measuring 9,960 sq ft and sitting on 0.53 acres. The interior’s both homey and extravagant.

The three-story estate has everything; breakfast nook, fireplaces, bar, game room, library room, fitness room, security system, pool, hot tub, and even an elevator! I wonder if the new owner(s) are just as clueless as the owner(s) of the Nicholas Brody house.

Address: 14617 Rudolph Dadey Dr, Charlotte NC 28277