Liam Payne Danielle PeazerYou have a lot of historical information.

The former couple were spotted leaving in the same car after the Soccer Aid Aftershow Bash in London, as seen in a photo obtained by CelebHomes News.

CelebHomes News is told by an eyewitness, that Danielle was not interested in being photographed while they were riding. She sat down in her car and didn’t care about being seen. The eyewitness stated that Liam seemed “quite animated” despite his incognito departure. She also said, “It appeared like he had been having a great time at the party.”

Nine years later, Liam and Danielle have their first child. One DirectionThe star The X FactorThe dancer is reported to have quit.

CelebHomes News reached out to him for comments on the latest episode, but has not heard back.

Danielle wasn’t Liam’s first girlfriend since his separation two months back. He was seen walking hand-in-hand with a model on May 24. Aliana MawlaIn London, one day following the confirmation by his rep to CelebHomes News of his and Maya HenryThey had broken up for the second and final time.