CelebHomes: What is Transgender Day of Visibility?

LT: Trans Day of Visibility is really about seeing these people for who they are and allowing them to be seen and heard. Trans people are often seen in the news and left alone. Visibility means putting them on the front page. Transgender people need to feel heard and honest. I’m a transgender woman, but I’m also Lennon—who is a transgender woman and that’s not my entire identity.

CelebHomes: What role models are you looking for?

LT: I’ve been really inspired by Lia Thomas lately. It was amazing to see her lead in both swimming and athletics. Transitioning is not an easy task. It can be so rewarding to see people doing it and still having a job. They are the ones I look up to and I know I can. 

CelebHomes: What has the transition meant for your training as a dancer?

LT:Because I don’t hide any of my emotions anymore, it’s made dancing much more enjoyable. This is not to say that I had ever intended to hide, but that my walls weren’t falling down. The change has made me see myself differently in dance and also helped to increase my self-worth. As a patient undergoing medical transition, I have had the privilege of continuing to work as a dancer. It has been amazing because it allows me to be fully myself. 

CelebHomes: Lennon’s next move?

Officially, I was allowed to legally alter my name. This was huge. It’s exciting to start the legal process so that I can get out with my friends, and also debut Lennon Monroe Torres.

The interview was edited to be more concise and clear.