After Lee Pace shared hot shirtless pics of himself on the set of his new sci-fi series, FoundationMany fans enjoyed a great deal of Sentiment 

Although there were many positive aspects, the overall impression was mixed. There was something missing…

“Where’s your belly button?” Many of them inquired. One of them commented “Where is the belly button?”

April TV+ Foundation, the 42-year-old actor plays Brother Day, a genetic clone of an emperor of a galactic empire. Can clones be bred with bellies buttons? Evidently, no!

While Pace, also known for past roles on AMC’s Stop and catch fireAnd the Hobbit films, does indeed have a belly button in real life, his character’s belly button-less torso has remained a key topic of conversation among Foundation fans since the series premiered in September. Brother Day most recently appeared on an episode that aired on Friday, Nov. 5, which saw the character embarking on a pilgrimage in a desert.