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It doesn’t matter if you still haven’t done your holiday shopping. This article will give you some tips and tricks on how to organize shopping. CelebHomes Holiday Editor Lauren Conrad has tips on how to get through that gift list and some present suggestions for the little ones in your life.

Lauren acknowledged that she never gets ahead of herself with holiday shopping. But she was able to this year, and she said, “You’re the one who did it?” Although I do not schedule holiday shopping, I did set aside some time on my calendar.

The Little Market founder elaborated, “I did that because I think that people often think of it as something you sort of do whenever you have spare time, but I made a real effort to get it done. I always leave so much if to the last minute and every year and say ‘I’m going to be better next year,’ but this time I stuck with it amazingly.” 

Lauren, thankfully, is ahead of us because we were able to ask her advice about gift shopping, and which products to avoid.