Laura Dern I won’t give you an answer Reese Witherspoon‘s FaceTime calls—and that’s no big little lie.

It Morning Show star proved she and her famous friends are just like the rest of us when it comes to trying to get a hold of someone, accusing Laura of dodging her FaceTime calls.

Oscar Winner posted a photo of her Instagram Story with a shot of herself. Scarlett Johansson on a failed call to Laura, writing, “Do you ever answer @lauradern?”

To her credit, Laura had an equally funny response. “Girllllls…I mean, some of us have to work,” she replied. “But, where’s dinner?” Great question. 

While we don’t know the answer, this isn’t the first time Reese has voiced such a complaint. In August, she shared another playful screenshot of herself trying to reach her friend on FaceTime. “Dern? She captioned her Instagram post with the words “Dern?” The actress appears to have some receipts.