Larsa gave Larsa even her perspective on Kim and Kim’s relationship with Pete Davidson

On her part, she said that “You’re right. I just want everyone happy.” Daily Pop. “If you’re happy, I’m happy.”

Larsa recently completed her own divorce. Scottie PippenHowever, the ex-couple of twenty years split in 2005.

She said that she felt like the longest divorce was ever recorded. “I felt like it was going to end.

However, the pair—who share kids Scotty Pippen Jr., 21; Preston Pippen, 19; Justin Pippen17, and Sophia Pippen, 13—remain close today. 

“We’re best friends,” Larsa revealed. Larsa said, “We share the same parenting style.” Our love is mutual. If Scottie said he needed a kidney, I would give it to him. I love him so much.”