PDA is Barker’s way.

Charli D’AmelioAnd Landon Barker shared some of their affection to the ‘gram on July 27 when Charli posted a snap of her and Landon kissing in a bathroom to her Instagram Stories.

Let’s just say that their selfie makes us feel all Kravis. After all, Landon’s dad, Travis BarkerPlease see the following: Kourtney KardashianThey are the official king and queen in PDA. Just days ago, the duo were spotted packing on the affection at the beach in Montecito, Calif.—the same place they got engaged nine months prior.

Although the bathroom and beach are different things, it is clear that both partners are not afraid to have a good time.

CelebHomes News was informed by a source that Landon and Charli were “in the beginning stages of their dating relationship” in June. The couple’s romance has been heating up since June. In early July, Charli and Landon shared some photos from a night out with friends to their Instagram Stories—including a snap of themselves smushing their faces close together.