Dwyane Johnson Kevin HartNever miss an opportunity to have fun with your partner.

CelebHomes News spoke with the celeb friends while they chatted. Daily Pop on July 27 about their new movie DC League of Super-PetsThis time, they are playingfully chasing each other’s fatherly talents.

Kevin responded to CelebHomes News’ question about Dwayne and his parenting techniques. Francesca Amiker a hilarious response. He laughed and said, “I want to do the opposite.” He said, “I’ve been there. These kids will do anything they like.” Dwayne shares his two youngest daughters—Jasmine6. Tiana, 4—with his wife Lauren Hashian.

Kevin went on to recount a questionable interaction with one of Dwyane’s daughters during a visit to their home, sharing, “I remember his daughter—I was eating, I had a plate. She smacked my hand out of her hand, and I was like “Not here, bitch.”

Dwyane was initially hostile, saying his friend had “got their kids under lock” and they are “very respectful”. However, Dwyane retaliated by telling Kevin his humorous story about a visit to Kevin’s house.