We have a brand new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lady Gaga made a rare-yet brief—comment about boyfriend Michael PolanskyWhen Ryan Fischer was assisting her with dog walking, she discussed the February attack on her French Bulldogs. The spokesperson said, “Everybody is OK.” House of GucciThe actress stated. “Everybody’s healing. Ryan’s healing is something I do daily. We didn’t lose Ryan. Every day, I give thanks to God for my dogs’ safe return. My life is devoted to my dogs and the man I love.

Gaga and the entrepreneur started romance rumors during a New Years Eve party in Las Vegas in December 2019. They were spotted sharing a kiss by passers-by. Two months later, they confirmed their romance on Instagram—and sealed it with a kiss.

He has since joined her at Washington, D.C., in support of her performance during Joe Biden’s Inauguration. 

Und, auch in her corner, though platonically?