As Kylie Jenner once sang, rise and shine…and shop.

Details of the shopping experience are important to her. Stormi WebsterThe lip kits might be sealed, but the lips themselves aren’t.

TikTok was shared June 8,The KardashiansThe star and her little girl went to Ulta beauty to test out Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin, Kylie’s skincare lines.

Kylie teased that it was a special day because she took her daughter with her to Ulta for makeup.

Kylie next asked Stormi if Stormi was excited. She smiled sweetly before saying, “Yeah.”

The makeup mogul donned white jeans and pink heels for the event. She also wore a halter-top. Stormi wore a pink mini purse, white sneakers, and a floral dress. Mother and daughter share one thing in common: It was a plan to purchase more products.