Kylie, then-BFF of Kylie’s said that she planned her first exercise on Monday as “I don’t even do it to lose weight.” Jordyn Woods. “Even though after Stormi, I feel like people think that I like, bounce back super fast, which I guess I did and that I’m just, ‘Oh, it’s just, everything’s so perfect,’ and people like, can get the wrong idea on Instagram sometimes…especially at such a young age to see your body go through such a change and it is physically, mentally and emotionally a challenge.”

Her continued: “It was also a beautiful and wonderful thing and I had, just like, a great pregnancy, birth, and like, it was so much fun and I would do the same thing over and over but, you know? My boobs definitely feel like three times as big, which is bothering me. There are stretch marks around my boobs. It’s like my stomach and waist are different. My butt and thighs seem bigger.