Beverly Hills’ House-husband is now a TV host.

Kyle Richards‘ other half and longtime supporting cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Mauricio UmanksyThe streamer revealed that she will star in a new reality series on Netflix on June 23.

Titled Beverly Hills: Buying a Home, the eight-episode real estate series will follow “the agents and clients within Mauricio Umansky’s The Agency in Beverly Hills, California,” according to a press release. “Mauricio with his daughters Farrah AlexiaThe talented team of agents and, highlight the high-stakes world of Los Angeles luxury real estate.”

Mauricio was joined by a 33-year old Farrah Brittany (Kyle’s eldest daughter from her first marriage), and 26-year-old Alexia UmanskyThe series stars. Santiago Arana, Ben Belack, Joey Ben-Zvi, Jon Grauman, Brandon Graves, Allie Lutz Rosenberger, Melissa Platt Sonika Vaid.

Bravo has been following Mauricio as he grows The Agency in the past ten years. RHOBHThere are branches around the world.