Bravo fans were first to meet the ex-chief stew maker there. Below Deck MedPremiered in 2016. Hannah worked for Captain Sandy YawnFor five seasons. But was fired unceremoniously in 2020 by fellow cast members. Malia White revealed she had found undeclared Valium and a CBD pen in Hannah’s belongings. Hannah has since clarified that Valium was prescribed for her and that CBD is legal in the area where she was sailing.

Her departure from the show was hasty, but many fans were quick to come to Hannah’s defense. CelebHomes News reported that she would get one negative for every nine positive comments. It was in my favor. That was great because this is an important conversation.

“Say, ‘You have drug onboard. Do you plan to flush your drugs down the toilet?” blah, blah,” Hannah recalled, “I was like, ‘Why would I flush my medication down the toilet?’ It’s wrong to stigmatize prescription medication for mental illness or recreational drugs.