Kristin ChenowethHas one evil tongue.

The Broadway icon and actress made an impressive impression in the episode of Aug. 14, which aired on Celebrity Family Feud—even rendering host Steve Harvey speechless.

Steve stated, “We asked 100 ladies.” Steve said, “After the lips what is your favourite part about a man to kiss?”

Kristin buzzed in quickly before her competitor Kathy NajimyAnswered, “Rhymes of the heinous.”

Although it’s not an exact match in rhyming, you could probably guess which part Kristen was referring to. 

“I’m sorry! After Steve’s shock, Kristin begged for forgiveness.

Unfortunately, the answer to “rhymes and heinous”, was not among the six options.

Kathy replied “cheek,” as Kristin kept repeating “I’m sorry!” to her team.

Kristin was instructed by Steve to stand straight over there after Kathy’s team chose to play. “You should stay there, young lady.”