One kiss is all it takes.

Except for when it is just for publicity. After Kristin Cavallari Tyler Cameron locked lips while on set for an Uncommon James campaign in April, Kristin revealed herRealMotive for Tyler being in the campaign: Tyler was assumed to be dating everyone if he is in it.

Kristin said, “I mean, that was why I hired him, to get the press.” Brie Bella Nikki BellaOn the episode of April 27, Podcast The BellasSiriusXM Stitcher. “It worked. “It worked.

Kristin was able to generate great publicity and she acknowledged that Tyler did the same.

Kristin declared, “He’s truly the nicest person on the planet.” He is truly a true love. He is a wonderful person.

How about that first kiss? Kristin assured Kristin that “he’s very good at kissing.”

She was a great smoocher, but she said that they are not in a relationship.