Kourtney KardashianThis new style is bangin’!

It KardashiansKourtney, 43, shared her recent hair transformation via Instagram on July 21. Sharing a selfie video from what appeared to be a photo shoot, Kourtney debuted her blunt bangs with the rest of her tresses tied up in a chic ponytail. 

Kourtney replied in the video “No, like…cray”, but “but also, it’ll be great.”

Be aware that Poosh’s temporary hairstyle is only temporary. Later that day, Kourtney posted another video—but this time sans bangs. 

Fans shouldn’t be surprised at the new look. Kourtney can rock a variety of hairstyles, from long, wavy hair to sleek, short ones over the years. She’s tried a variety of hair styles, but her favorite color is the one she sticks with.

She said, “I am just a brown-haired little girl.” PeopleIn 2017. It just fits me. I like my dark hair.”