Classes are almost back in session Abbott Elementary.

ABC will air the second season of this hit series on Sept. 21, Janine will still be available for viewers to meet her (Quinta BrunsonGregoryTyler James Williams), Melissa (Lisa Ann Walter), Barbara (Sheryl Lee RalphJacobChris PerfettiAva (Janelle JamesFollowing major changes in the finale of season one, ),

What’s more, fans can expect more time with their favorite teachers, as season two will have 22 episodes, compared to season one’s 13, according to Deadline.Quinta (also the showrunner) teased the change at Comic-Con 21 July 21. “We spent a lot of the first season showing what this show is capable of… Now we get to have some fun,” she said. After all of that building we now get some bottle episodes.

Executive Producer: “And more Episodes.” Patrick SchumackerQuinta replied, “Can we do that?”