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This is what we have seen. Kim KardashianTo become the iconic trendsetting figure she is, Kim went through many fashion evolutions. Kim’s fashion choices, from the clothing she wears to her SKIMS creations, have earned her the People’s Choice Awards 2021 Fashion Icon award. Kim has helped to create new styles with SKIMS. These include sizes-inclusive designs, unique fabrics and fashion solutions that can be used by every customer. 

Because there isn’t one “nude”, she created bodysuits, bras and underwear that can be worn with a range of skin colors. Size-inclusive, her styles for women range in size from XXS up to 5X. The brand has matching mommy and mini looks with options for children. There are now unisex pieces that can be worn by anyone.

Innovation keeps going, and we now can “Keep up With Kim” in everyday life. You can find so many great things about SKIMS, and we’ve included some of the most popular styles.