What a wonderful night!

The 2021 People’s Choice Awards was jam-packed with must-see moments with your favorite stars—including host Kenan ThompsonHonorees as well Halle Berry, Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” Johnson, Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera. But what about everything that happened when the cameras weren’t on? Well, don’t worry, because CelebHomes News has you covered with all the off-screen moments you might’ve missed at home. From celebrity exchanges to LOL-worthy moments, we have all the behind-the-scenes scoop.

Here’s an exclusive backstage pass to the 2021 People’s Choice Awards…

8:08 p.m. EST: Charli D’Amelio pal Avani GreggYou can chill out backstage at the portrait studio. JoJo SiwaAfter having her photo taken, she exits. 

8:09 p.m.:The Sunset Selling‘s Christine QuinnShe is taken backstage by the portrait studio as she overhears saying “Oh, yes, let’s do it, cute!”

8:15 p.m.: Bachelor Nation unites! Joe Amabile and fiancée Serena PittWelcoming everyone Katie ThurstonThe boyfriend John Hersey on the red carpet.

8:30 p.m.: Sex/LifeStars (and IRL couple!) Adam Demos Sarah ShahiGet some food and drinks backstage.