Kim Kardashian Receives WSJ. The 2021 Innovator Award of the Magazine is given to Kim Kardashian

Dr. Simon OurianIt has been Kim KardashianFor years, he has been her go-to skin expert. She is regularly photographed going in and out his Beverly Hills-based clinic and credits him for her flawless complexion.

Now, with the launch of his new MDO Boost line of products ($229 for the set), Kim his other celebrity clients, including Megan Fox and Kris Jenner, can do their own upkeep at home. 

“[Kim] has to be camera-ready 24/7,” Ourian exclusively tells CelebHomes News. But here’s the best news for the non-rich and famous: The price point makes his line accessible for fans around the world, without a trip to Beverly Hills.

The products use “the best formulas we could find,” Ourian shares. “I started this line 20 years ago, but it has taken a long time to get there. It was impossible to achieve ten years ago. It would have cost about $1,000 per bottle. We now have the technology to deliver it at a much lower price.