Since launching the joint TikTok in November, North has shared video of her braces and her handbag collection, as well as clips of her with her family, including sister Chicago West, 4. North attracted concern from relatives in DecemberMason Disick, 11, when she livestreamed a tour of Kim’s home without permission, prompting him to text her mom about it. Kim explained to Mason that Kim felt terrible and she doesn’t plan on doing it again. However, it was possible for Mason to have a conversation with Kim about the matter.

Ye isn’t the only one to criticize North’s use social media. He admitted in a January interview that, “My children ain’t going to be on TikTok without my permission.”

In the interview, he shared intimate details about Kim’s co-parenting. He claimed that security barred him once from Kim’s home, after he collected the kids from school. A source close to the situation told CelebHomes News at the time, “Kim has set boundaries. It is her home. Kanye shouldn’t come unannounced. Security denied him entry, but he did arrive. The decision is his, and he has the right to view the children. They are his to see whenever he wishes.”

He continues to publicly criticize Kim. Last month, he posted on Instagram that he didn’t get invited to Chicago. Stormi Webster‘s joint birthday party. He arrived hours later at the party.

CelebHomes News was told by a source that Kim and Kanye were not in good terms at the moment. The source said that Kanye, the founder of SKIMS, “is really upset Kanye continues talking about family matters on Social Media.” According to him, he believes that he is still able to access Kim without any restrictions. “She is over it.”