Julia seems to be enjoying their time together. Julia said that she is used to her being disappointed in relationships. She told him, “You’re so used of being f–ked over, so I keep expecting him to disappoint, because he makes such grandiose promises and it’s almost like, ‘How can he ever do it with all the other things going on? She shared the following: Interview last month. He always does,”

While Julia said in a Jan. 15 of Forbidden Fruits that she and Ye, who is in the midst of a divorce from Kim Kardashian, don’t have any labels or expectations, she noted they have “such a Gemini-Aquarius-like connection.”

“What’s really exciting about him is that, like, any idea can become a reality,” Julia added. It is possible to achieve anything. Every dream is possible. That is what I love. It’s clear that he is a great doer. He’s like, ‘Do it now,’ you know? Like, ‘Don’t wait.'”

Julia said that even though they weren’t expecting their wild romance, Julia shared with them that she had received messages from “all of the people we have in common”, like close friends.