Kim has posted some comments below. Khloe KardashianAlso, I took the time to show Saint love by writing “The absolute cutest !!!!!!!!.” Sainty !!!!!” is loved by all of us. 

In addition to her birthday tribute, Kim chronicled each of the rainbows that appeared in her home on her Instagram Story, saying that they were “for Sainty” on his birthday. 

When she discovered six in total, one for each year since Saint’s birth in 2015, she couldn’t believe it. OMG, 6th Rainbow for Saints 6th Birthday! she wrote. “I’ve never had so many rainbows in one room.”

Kim received a rainbow collection from her father as a birthday gift. Robert KardashianHe died in 2003. “Thanks dad! I’ll tell Saint you said happy birthday,” she wrote, adding the hashtag #NeededThis.