How can you find happiness and joy? Reading Kim Cattrall‘s tweets.

The Sex and the CityStar set the record straight following a Twitter user who claimed Kim had made cosmetic enhancements to her appearance.

“Ooh, Kim Cattrall has had the *perfect* amount of work done,” the fan tweeted on June 29. “The filler appears completely natural, and she’s stunning.”

Kim’s flawless looks are no secret. her responseIt was equally perfect.

The 65-yearold replied, “Me & my Dermatoligist salute”

Kim said that back in 2008 she didn’t want to go under the knife.

She said that she didn’t wish to see herself in the mirror, and then not be able to recognize the person looking back. Daily Mail. However, she isn’t a judge of anyone choosing that route. She said, “It’s your body and your life.” You can do what you like.”

After three years, she revealed to the outlet she plans to “embrace” aging because “I believe a forehead without lines doesn’t necessarily tell me that they have lived a long life.”