Laura expressed her hope that Villanelle’s demise brings Eve comfort: “She’s fled. Carolyn feels she’s gone. She has the right to choose how she wants her life to be. She will take what Villanelle gave her and make it her own. Villanelle’s spirit will continue to live in Eve.”

Carolyn, one the original members of The Twelve, was the only person who managed to survive. Rumor has it her origin story may be explored in a spin-off series, but executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle recently told Deadline,“We had lots of ideas, but it didn’t seem to have any concrete form. And that is a big problem. “There isn’t anything more to be said yet.”

Though nothing has been confirmed, Shaw is game for a show of her own. CelebHomes News reported that “people are interested in its potential,” Shaw said to CelebHomes News on February 2. “I do not know the outcome, but I can tell you that I enjoy my work.”

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